The chemical check system is unique within the coolant industry and offers fully automatic and guaranteed chemical concentrate.

    Guaranteed Chemical Concentrate

  • RHM has partnered with European filter experts BELKI to develop a chemical check system that ensures chemical concentrate tolerances of -0.2 and +0.7. This is accomplished by the continious monitoring, logging, and adjustment of the concentration during a 24-hour continious work day.
    The chemical drum located next to the check system will recieve a signal and, via means of a vacuum system, then pull chemical into the central conditioning system. Adversely, should the concentrate be too rich, clean water will be added to the system.

    Technical Advantages:

    Maintains optimal concentration, eliminates manual filling.
    Reduction in emulsion consumption.
    Optimal concentration ensures improved cutting tool life.
    Improved working environment.
    Remote monitoring provides true continuous improvement.

  • BCS 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 The check system is located at eye level for ease of collecting data.