Clean conditioned coolant for individual machine filters without the expense of large full-flow central systems

    Low-flow Central Conditioning Systems

  • RHM's range of central conditioning systems are designed to extend the life of individual machine tool filter tanks. With its unique labyrinth flow tank, and multiple levels of solids and oil seperation, coolant quality is ensured. A patended automatic coolant concentrate module completes the process of guaranteeing coolant clarity.
    The CCS unit is completely modular in design and is constructed from multiple process modules, identified below. Multiple sizes are available based upon machine quantity, coolant type, machine process, and fines content.

    Technical Advantages:

    Greatly extended coolant life.
    Reduction in maintenance due to reduced frequency of cleaning tanks.
    Improved tooling life.
    Improved product quality
    Improved working environment.

  • CCS Labyrinth Holding Tank The machine holding tank is Stainless Steel in construction with integral/removable labyrinth plates. The purpose of these plates is to ensure a controlled flow through the tank enabling tramp oil to rise to the surface of the coolant and be removed by the suction device of the oil seperator..
  • CCS Microflotation Unit To promote oil seperation and at the same time carry small, solid particles to the surface of the coolant, microflotation devices are located at the bottom of the tank. These units consist of porous elements that are fed under low air pressure, creating micro-bubbles.
  • CCS Radius Gravity Filter (RGFD) To remove larger solid particulate such as machine chips and grinding fines multiple sizes of the RGFD are utilized. The Radius Plate sealing technology ensures minimal particulate bypass. An automatic rewinder transfers the paper media over the radius plate and ensures a consistent filter cake.
  • CCS Magnetic Filter (Manual) A seperate magnetic module located beneath the RGFD consists of an inclined plate with permanent magnets mounted beneath it. As the filtered coolant flows over the plate, very fine metallic particles adear to the plate for manual removal. (Scraping)
  • CCS Automatic Magnetic Filter (IMFS) Where high levels of ferrous materials are present an automatic magnetic filter is utilized. Coolant is directed over a moving media belt located in a stainless channel. Beneath the channel are located permanent magnets. Ferrous particulate is held on the belt, and as the belt is indexed, the particulate is transferred to discharge. Clean coolant flows down the inclined channel into the conditioning tank.
  • CCS Chemical Concentrate Check System (BCS) Chemical concentrate is critical, the check system is utilized to monitor and adjust the chemical concentrate. The unit is completely automatic in operation and continually monitors concentrate values. This data then controls valves to feed either clean water to the system (to dilute), or add chemical (to increase concentrate).