With over 5000 installations, RHM's experience regarding high pressure through tool coolant and an application history covering multiple materials and coolant types have ensured state-of-the-art solutions.

  • RHM's standard high pressure skid units have the trademark of PowerKool. An expansive range of products has been developed to cater for all machine tool builders and integrators.

  • High Pressure Module RHM's standard range of high pressure modules has been designed for individual machine tools. Consisting of coolant tanks with integral bag filters, and high pressure scroll pumps.
  • High Pressure Engineered RHM have been engineering and supplying special high pressure applications for over 50 years. Based upon customer climates,high pressure systems can be supplied with or without coolant tank, and multiple pump configurations can be supplied.
  • High Pressure Multi Machine In applications where the customer dictates; multiple machines are fed from a regional high pressure module. RHM can design and supply special large tank application with multiple valving and special filtration needs.
  • Machine Support Module In conjunction with the MTFC, RHM can now offer unprecedented levels of coolant clarity. By means of its modular design, the MSM module can intigrate all of the CNCs lower pressure coolant requirements, the CNCs high pressure requirements, optional oil seperation, optional inline magnetic filtration, as well as optional mist elimination and chiller modules.