With no moving parts, cyclonic filtration can be one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of solids filtration.


  • Cyclonic filtration is the simplest form of solids removal from liquids. With absolutely no moving parts, the technology is extremely simple and cost effective. Application should be thoroughly researched before applying this technology. Cyclonic filtration can be used as a supplement to other filtration mediums as both a primary filter, or in some cases, a final filtration stage.
  • CFS 25GPM - 75GPMConstructed entirely on Stainless Steel, the cyclonic structure is basically assembled from three elements. Liquid is delivered to the cyclonic chamber by means of a tangential port. The Stainless Steel conical base structure then feeds the debris discharge chamber. Clean liquid is removed from the center mounted port on the upper chamber.
  • Additional Options:Where the filtration consists of ONLY cyclonic elements mounted above a filter tank, the following options are available:
    Chiller Systems
    Supplementary Filtration (Bag/Cartridge/Backflushing)
    Magnetic Pre-seperation
    Heating Elements
    Full Standalone Controls