Analysis of existing individual machine tool filters identified major issues regarding coolant life and premature equipment failure.RHM has developed the MSM to overcome these issues.

    Machine Support Module

  • RHM's standard range of machine service modules have been developed as a reconfigurable set of process modules encompassing all of the necessary fluid and mist processes to feed individual machines.

    Technical Advantages:

    Sloping tank bottom for ease of cleaning.
    Remove tank from beneath machine.
    360 degree maintenance access.
    Modularity permits incremental investment.
    Single module approach reduces floor space.

  • Machine Support Module In conjunction with the MTFC, RHM can now offer unprecedented levels of coolant clarity. By means of its modular design, the MS module can integrate all of the CNCs lower pressure coolant requirements, the CNCs high pressure requirements, optional oil seperation, optional inline magnetic filtration, as well as optional mist elimination and chiller modules.