The machine tool chip conveyor has been developed to overcome industry-wide issues with regards to reliability, contaminant bypass, and filtration quality.

    Individual Machine Tool Chip Filtration

  • RHM has developed a unique range of individual filtration conveyor systems for integration into or alongside standalone machine tools. Along with the development of the PBPC product; the MTFC maximizes filtration area and the media acts as both the barrier and the transportation medium. In-belt flight bars transport larger chips. RHM's unique patented seal arrangement ensures that the chain transfer is not in direct contact with the coolant contaminate.

  • Standard Chip Conveyors RHM offers a range of purpose-built chip conveyors for integration under or alongside CNC machines.
  • Magnetic Conveyor Filter RHM and its partner BELKI have devoloped a range of small magnetic belt filters for integration beneath or alongside grinding and machining CNCs.
  • Machine Tool Filter Conveyor (MTFC) RHM's unique machine tool filter conveyor has been designed to overcome bypass issues relating to current filter conveyor technologies. Used in conjunction with RHM's new Machine Support Module, CNC machine bath life can be dramatically extended.