Unique in operation, the high-flow belt magnet units ensure high particle removal from waste streams.

    Inclined Magnetic Filter System

  • Particularly well suited for filtration of particles from fine machining, grinding, and honing of cast iron and steel components. The unit has various applications from machining coolants, grinding fluids, and washing fluids up to 150 degrees fahrenheit in temperature.

  • IMFS 50GPM - 200GPM The magnetic filter is fully automatic in operation. Constructed completely from Stainless Steel, the filter module can be ordered in various styles. Dirty liquid is introduced into the filter by means of a defuser box mounted towards the drive end of the filter. Permanent magnets are mounted beneath the Stainless Steel belt carrier tray. A powered drive-roller mounted at the discharge end of the channel indexes the transportation belt over the permanent magnets. Fine particulate is held on the belt due to the magnetic properties, and forms a cake. The cake is indexed when of a sufficent thickness. Clean filtered liquid now flows down the inclined tray and into a clean liquid pump-back or holding tank.
  • Available Options Chiller Systems
    Supplementary Filtration (Bag/Cartridge/Backflushing)
    Heating Elements
    Full Standalone Controls
    Pumpback Return System