Minimal initial investment with guaranteed results.
  • Paper Band Gravity Filter

  • The all Stainless Steel construction paper band gravity filter can be used in multiple applications; from grinding, turning, and machining. Simple in operation, the technology offers the lowest initial investment for a conveyorized filtration system. Multiple options are available to improve coolant clarity and with its very low height, the filter can be gravity-fed in most applications.

  • PBGF 15GPM - 50GPM Designed for both water based emulsion and cutting oil applications, the PBGF range of paper filters can be either gravity fed or supplied by a local pump-back. Fully automatic in operation, the Flat Bed Tank technology offers superior filtration properties and space saving. All PBGF filters are designed as two-tank systems. The base mounted sub-tank being the recepticle for all clean liquids passing through the paper band media. Coolant is then pumped directly back to the machining operation.
  • Available Options Chiller Systems
    Supplementary Filtration (Bag/Cartridge/Backflushing)
    Magnetic Pre-seperation
    Heating Elements
    Full Standalone Controls
    Custom Sizes And Applications On Request