RHM has developed a range of high chipload removal filtration conveyors utilizing permanent belt media technologies. Simplicity of design and ease of operation being the key drivers.

    Permanent Belt Pre-Conveyor Systems

  • The PBPC modules along with the MTFC modules have been developed utilizing permanent belt media technology. The concept is to maximize filtration area and to utilize the filtration media as both the primary barrier and transportation medium. Patented seal technology ensures best-in-class bypass protection and flights attached to the belt simplify the whole filtration and transportation design.

  • PBPC Size 1 through Size 3 Drive EndThe unique belt-drive design ensures that machining contaminent is not in contact with the belt transportation system. Integral conveyor structures support the media belt during transportation and allow for maximum flow through the media..
  • PBPC Size 1 through Size 3 Filter LengthDirty coolant is directed to the permanent belt media via a difuser box arrangement. The belt transportation system and guides are fabricated within a steel channel arrangement. Clean liquid passes through the filter belt to a clean discharge flange whilst the trapped contaminate is transferred by the belt to the discharge end. Maximum filter area is accomplished by combining the belt as both the filtration media and transportation media. Large machined chips are transferred by the integrated flight bars.
  • PBPC Size 1 through Size 3 Tail EndTo simplify the belt return system and to allow for belt flooding, the tail section is raised to contain and ensure chips remain on the belt and not bypass to the clean side.