RHM's Multi-Tank and Radius Plate sealing technologies ensure improved coolant clarity over traditional systems.

    Vacuum Filter Disposable Paper Media

  • RHM's range of all Stainless Steel construction radius plate vacuum filters offer a unique triple-seal technology. This prevents solid contaminent bypass, thus dramatically enhancing coolant clarity. Offered in two styles, the R series which designates a recirculation tank, and the D series which designates a drag tank mounted beneath the vacuum filter. Additionally in all cases, an automatic paper media rewinder collects all spent paper, thus reducing waste.

  • RVFD R Series 25GPM - 250GPM Designed for both water based emulsion and cutting oil applications, the RVFD range of paper filters can be either gravity fed or supplied by a local pump-back. Three modular building blocks allow for reconfiguration of the filter unit should production requirements dictate increased chip load or improved clarity requirements. Fully automatic in operation, the Deep Vacuum Tank technology offers superior filtration properties and space saving. All RVFD filters are designed as three-tank systems.
    The base mounted sub-tank being the receptacle for all dirty liquids. Coolant is then pumped to the vacuum tank. Clean filtered liquid is then pumped to a delivery clean tank mounted above the vacuum tank.
  • RVFD D Series 25GPM - 250GPMBeing the same basic construction as the R series, the D series has been developed for heavy chip loads where an initial settling time and chip drag system remove the majority of larger contaminates.
  • Available Options Chiller Systems
    Supplementary Filtration (Bag/Cartridge/Backflushing)
    Magnetic Pre-seperation
    Heating Elements
    Full Standalone Controls